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RO EDI Purified Water System

Water System Equipment/RO System

Scope of application
Pure water in such industries as electronics, medicine and food, etc; purification and preparation for water used in textile industry and chemical industry; purification and preparation for water used in food and drinks and ecological process; concentration and recovery of the useful materials of aqueous solution in industrial production preliminary desalination processing of high pressure boiler make-up water of the enterprise, such as electrical power plant, etc; brackish water and seawater desalinization as the first class desalinating equipment for high purity water production.

Water system equipment / RO + EDI System

EDI equipment belongs to fine treatment system and usually used in cooperation with reverse osmose (RO) to constitute the ultrapure water treatment system with pre-treatment, reverse osmose and EDI devices. EDI equipment replaced the mixed ion-exchange unit used in traditional water treatment technology. EDI equipment requires the electrical resistivity of the water to reach 0.025-0.5MΩcm and the reverse osmosis device can completely meet the requirements. EDI equipment can product ultrapure water with the electrical resistivity above 15MΩcm.

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