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Strip Packaging

Automatic Strip Packing Machine


  • Vibration feeder and crisp remover can effectively remove the powder and crisps inside medicine.
  • Auto counting, horizontal perforation, slitting, waster-side cutting, printing batch number and auto punch etc function can be achieved automatically in one process.
  • The diameter of heat pressing cam can be changed from 110 to 140mm.
  • The rotation speed of the material controlling cam is equal to heat pressing cam, and the cams equilibrium is equal to medicament nest of heat pressing cam. Therefore it can have the distance from the plate edge the medicament nest and the one between the central medicament nest be equal.
  • The punch adopts electronic checking signal and PLC programs. It can change the number of granules at any time in the horizontal direction of the plate, making the user free to change the plates without replacing the moulds.
  • Can equipped with Optical Fibre checking device, reject lacked strip automatically.

High Speed Automatic Strip Packaging Machine


  • Innovative design which compared with old type
  • Each mechanism adopt independent power unit, servo drive, PLC control, to ensure synchronism and steady at high speed running.
  • Material controlling adopt ratchet mechanism, servo drive, PLC control, can effective higher feeding speed to meet machine high speed running.
  • The diameter of heat pressing cam can be changed between 90-130mm, easy to change different specification.
  • Heating thermometric parts adopt infrared checking, PLC control, can effective avoid bad sealing, virtual stick etc phenomenon which caused by temperature error at high speed running.
  • Product feeding adopt roll cutting feeding, servo drive, PLC control, can effective raise machine speed and ensure synchronism and steady.
  • Defective sorting, product transporting adopt manipulator control, convenient for follow-up connect line.
  • Waste material mechanism adopts roll cutting type, convenient for waste material recycle.
  • Machine without pneumatic component, no need compressed air.
  • This machine suitable for AL/PL laminated foil package, also suitable for Paper/Foil or thin film/thin plastic film package.
  • This machine design novel, beautiful, the cover consists of armoured glass and aluminium alloy frame to higher product level.

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